An artist who brings the Mughal era back in miniature paintings drawn artistically on synthetic ivory panels, marbles, hand paper is Suvigya Sharma.

One of the best things about paintings is their silence – which prompts reflection and random reverie. ~Mark Stevens ~
Reviving the rich Indian traditional era on beautifully illustrated miniature paintings, Suvigya Sharma and his skilled artisans have redefined history once again.

Artistically drawn with vegetable colours, these miniature paintings are colourful pictures of the ethnicity of India ranging from the royal era to the modern age. Each miniature painting drawn by Suvigya Sharma is enjoyable to see and easy to understand. Talented artisans produce exquisite miniature paintings on synthetic ivory panels, wooden surfaces, marble stones, hand paper etc, enhancing their beauty and life forever.

With each miniature painting being unique in the world, Suvigya Sharma takes pride in the fact that none of his masterpieces is ever replicated again. If you want out of the box artistic pieces to enhance your decor or simply to gift someone an evergreen traditional item, reach out to Suvigya Sharma to deliver the best.

Simply because when Suvigya Sharma’s skills spill in the miniature paintings, tradition itself becomes enriched.