Suvigya Sharma creates beautiful silver artefacts which are made with 24cart gold, precious gems and stones and are rare in the world.

Art is an adventure that never seems to end. ~Jason, Los Cerros ~
Tapping his own unique talent towards unexplored artistic fields, Suvigya Sharma has extended his creativity towards creating rare and ethnic artefacts. Breathtakingly beautiful, durable, and cost effective, each unique piece created by Suvigya Sharma speaks volumes about his artistic talent.

Ranging from the Radha Krishna era to the Mughal empire, Suvigya has uniquely captured moments of beauty and revived them for the modern enthusiasts. Embedded in 24 Crt gold and precious gems, each ethnically designed silver artefact is the only piece created, without any replicas to be found anywhere else!!

When you want a rare artefact to express your thoughts or enhance the beauty of your home, reach out to Suvigya Sharma to unfold something completely unique.
Simply because, like his work, artists like Suvigya Sharma are rare…